Welcome to my page!


I am sincerely happy to welcome you in my virtual Art Gallery.
I was born and have lived many years in the Ukraine, there I have completed my study. I now live in Switzerland, at Neuhausen am Rheinfall. For the moment, I work with small children having different ages and there are on different levels in regard to their school knowledge, this school is located in Schaffhausen.
Since early years I have been fascinated by works of arts: acrylic paintings, creatively made decorations, figures made of metal and stone – I just couldn't take my eyes off them. Inspired by the masterpieces of other artists I got new emotions, acquired positive energy and life stamina. And the more I was absorbed by the art of painting and design the more desire I had to reveal my own subtle talents and creative potential. I started to create my first paintings. My friends and acquaintances gave my works rave reviews emphasizing their strong emotional message, unique colouring, authenticity, accentuating the original way of their creation which allows the pictures to gain all the traits of a sculpture. I got an opportunity to bring to life the scenes born in my imagination and inspire other people with my creativity and this true passion became my job. Dear connoisseurs of beauty, get into my world of imagination and positive energy where lines between different genres and trends vanish and then jumble together.
My paintings are crafted with modern 3D frames, using acrylic colors and different mixing techniques. I am also flexible in using different materials such as fibers and precious stones.
At this time, I am designing and working with Encaustic images using hot wax and a modern crafting technique.  
Let yourself be inspired by my creations! If you have any questions or suggestions, please, feel free to contact me.

Sincerely yours Viktoriya Steinhauer


Schaffhausen (Switzerland) Hallen am Rhein Nov. 2019
Montreux (Switzerland) MAG Art Gallery Nov. 2019
Schaffhausen (Switzerland) FATart Art Fair  Sept.2019
Hegau (Germany) Schaffhausen (Switzerland) Museumnacht Sept.2018
Luxemburg Art Prinze Sept.2018
Schaffhausen (Switzerland) V28 by Sven Juli.2018
Schaffhausen (Switzerland) Atelier Herbert Ruh Mai. 2018 
 Zürich (Switzerland)  "ARTTalents Kunstmarkt"  Okt.2017
 Meilen (Switzerland)  "Perfect Art Match"  July.2017
 Frauenfeld (Swizerland)  "Art-Thur 17"  Juni.2017
Schauffhausen (Switzerland) Unterstadt 34 Feb.2017
Vollkshaus Zürich (Switzerland)   Okt. 2016

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